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GIPS REX Softphone

GIPS REXGlobal IP Solutions (GIPS), today announced the release of its new VoIP softphone called REX. REX features multi-party instant messaging, advanced presence capabilities, voicemail and a comprehensible user-interface.

GIPS is well-known as one of the leading codecs that is licensed by third-party softphones, including Google Talk - and I might add Skype formerly utilized the GIPS codec. So it's interesting that GIPS is now building their own softphone client. At first glance it would seem GIPS' REX product would be competing against their softphone partners. However, REX can be rebranded and re-skinned to reflect the customers’ existing offerings. I guess it might be useful for companies that haven't built their own softphone client, but I certainly don't see Google Talk for instance throwing out all their existing software code to switch to REX.

I just noticed that their release also stated, "Current customers will be able to upgrade their existing softphone to this latest version." Huh? Is this saying that GIPS already offered a softphone called REX? I guess I didn't know about it. I googled for GIPS REX and only see the news announcement for today and nothing previous. Will have to look into this further.

In any event, GIPS positioned REX as follows: “REX is a greatly enhanced communication tool that enables users the capability to communicate more efficiently and with higher security and quality than other softphones can offer. These capabilities are especially important for enterprise users who need to be able to connect to their corporate phone systems from anywhere there is an internet connection,” said Wendy Toth, Global IP Solutions Marketing Director. “The latest version of REX on PC also offers the ability to speak without the aid of a headset due to GIPS superior patented technology. Users with REX on Smartphone or PDAs can turn their device into a VoIP phone enabling cost-effective business communication over the Internet to talk worldwide with GIPS renowned voice-quality.”

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