Global Dialer - Cheap Minutes App - is Gone

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Global Dialer - Cheap Minutes App - is Gone

globedialer-rates.pngA reader to my blog tipped me off to Global Dialer going out of business. They had a proprietary software application that you download directly onto your mobile phone that enabled you to make low-cost, 'one-click' international calls. The screenshot of their calling rates is from 2006 when I first wrote about them. Rates listed here have certainly come down since then.

According to Whois, the registration for the website was created in 2001 and expires in October 2010. Not a bad URL to own. Feel free to grab it up come October - assuming the owner doesn't renew it. But considering the website is no longer operational, I doubt they will.

If anyone knows what happened to them, post a comment. But if I had to guess, the slew of different cheap (& free) minutes methods probably killed them off, including Skype, Truphone, SIPGate, Nimbuzz, Google Voice, etc.

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What happened to the people that had credit in their accounts? Are they going to get reimbursed in full or at least part of it?

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