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Hosted VoIP Packet Sniffing

Packet Island, Inc. today announced that they will demonstrate their latest SaaS-based sniffer product, PacketPro at TMC's ITEXPO conference in Miami. This SaaS-based product has the ability to provide managed service providers and IT outsourcing companies remote visibility to troubleshoot problems in their customers' networks. Many companies don't have the internal networking staff to troubleshoot complex networking issues, especially voice over IP, which is time sensitive traffic. I haven't seen their product demo yet, so I'll be sure to stop by their booth. I believe they leverage Ethereal/WireShark, an open-source packet sniffing software. I know their solution supports SIP, SCCP (Cisco Skinny protocol), and Asterisk as reported by TMCNet.

PacketPro is a remote VoIP Lifecycle Management and Packet Sniffing solution. It consists of a 4" x 5" micro-appliance in a portable kit that can be shipped to a customer site. Packet Island's hosted service enables this micro-appliance to be used as a remote ethereal sniffer to diagnose a broad variety of network problems.


PacketPro offers the following key benefits:
  • Capture network traffic snapshots from customer sites at the click of a button
  • Troubleshoot complex voice-video-data problems by decoding over 750 protocols using Ethereal®/ Wireshark ®
  • Perform VoIP assessments to determine LAN/WAN capacity issues
  • Perform live 24x7 VoIP monitoring to characterize transient problems
  • Use on-demand reports to help isolate the nature and source of complex VoIP problems
Prior to PacketPro, service providers and VARs had to carry a network sniffer to every customer site to troubleshoot complex problems. Very often they would have to spend hours at the customer site to wait for a problem to re-occur. With PacketPro, they can ship the plug-and-play PacketPro kit to the customer site and remotely troubleshoot the problem from the comfort of their office. Since the solution is a SaaS -based service, large volumes of data can be collected and analyzed without user supervision. PacketPro's ability to show traffic flow trends and capture traffic on IP/port/protocol filters helps a support organization to diagnose problems much quicker, and with much less expense.

According to Packet Island, "The high cost of experienced field techs is a huge problem for MSPs and IT outsourcing companies who deploy and deliver converged media services. With PacketPro a handful of experts at corporate headquarters can be leveraged to provide nationwide support on complex voice-video-data issues."

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