iPhone vs iPhone vs. iSoftphone?

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iPhone vs iPhone vs. iSoftphone?

isoftphoneisoftphoneApple iPhoneAs if we haven't had enough of the Cisco vs. Apple iPhone battle, now we have "iSoftPhone", a clone of the Apple iPhone's skin created by Xnet Communications GmbH.

iSoftPhone is a VoIP softphone for Mac OS X. They claim its a quick one-step configuration to start talking to other users in just seconds. It does let you add multiple SIP providers, which is one of my major features in my theoretical "perfect softphone client".

According to Xnet Communications, "This is no half-baked Apple Java-compatible program nor is it a port of any Windows or Linux version. We have tried to provide some fun by making a skin which is strangely familiar to a product unveiled at the MacWorld Expo. This is a pure Mac implementation for Mac users only. Therefore user experience is set on top of the powerful telephony engine."

No word on whether Cisco will be suing Xnet Communications over the iSoftphone name which resembles "iPhone" nor if Steve Jobs over at Apple won't be too happy with iSoftPhone stealing (borrowing?) the cool iPhone look & feel. Look at the screenshots to the right and you make the call. Sue? or no sue? As the Jerky Boys would be fond of saying, "Sue me? Sue who? Sue you, sue everybody!"

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