The iPhone Arrives ... via Cisco

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The iPhone Arrives ... via Cisco

apple iphonecisco iphoneWhile all of us blogged on and on about the union of the iPod and the cell phone into something we all loved to call the iPhone, Cisco has quietly been watching and waiting, not saying a word, even though they filed the trademark application for the name 10 years ago.

Now that they have a real product, the iPhone seems less groovy coming from Cisco (or rather Linksys) than it would have coming from Apple -- even if the technology in each product was comparable.
(Note trad keypad and no wheel, alas ...)

Now that the dust has settled between Cisco and Apple over the iPhone trademark the Apple iPhone has finally arrived and is for sale, go check out some of these hot new iPhone accessories!

No doubt there will be a buying spree and a lot of the iPhones will end up selling for 200% markups on eBay. Might even put the PS3 buying frenzy to shame.

It's amazing what the coolness factor can do ... cool

Update. It looks like the iPhone has also arrived from Apple themselves. I wrote about their launch here and their how they kept the iPhone top-secret here. Here's another picture of the iPhone in all its beauteous glory!

Apple iPhone

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