ITEXPO just 7 days away

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ITEXPO just 7 days away

ITEXPO EastI can't believe ITEXPO, the first major VoIP show of 2007, is just 7 days away! For me, the holidays just flew by. I think because we didn't have any snow it feels like it should still be December not the latter half of January.

I'm looking forward to going to sunny Ft. Lauderdale where I'm sure plenty of cool VoIP news will be announced. I'm coming down with a bit of a cold, so hopefully I won't be under the weather when I get there. Speaking of weather, I can't believe how warm it has been in the Northeast. I'm half-hoping for snow in Connecticut while I'm down in Florida - maybe flights back to La Guardia can be delayed and I have to stay the weekend in Florida.

Of course, my wife Nicole won't be too happy with that. She's a huge Florida fan  - especially Disney World - and actually joined me last year for ITEXPO. But alas, she'll be home watching our 9 month old daughter, Megan while I bask in the glorious Florida sun and cover the interesting VoIP news! B)

If you read this post Nicole, no worries - it's only 277 days till we enjoy our first trip to Disney World in our newly purchased Disney timeshare, which is part of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).

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