Jajah Direct Launches

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Jajah Direct Launches

Jajah DirectJAJAH Direct is a new service launching tomorrow, which allows you to simply dial a local access number to talk globally - no Internet or data access needed and you can skip having to dial from your PC using VoIP software (i.e. Skype).

With JAJAH Direct, anyone who with a phone can enjoy international calls for free, or at the local rate of the access number. Jajah says callers can expect to see a savings of nearly 90% versus traditional global calling plans.

How JAJAH Direct works:
1. Dial one of 30 main local access numbers (see http://www.localaccessnumber.com)

2. Enter the international number you want to call

3. JAJAH connects you. After your first call you will receive a unique local number for each of your contacts that you can store in your phone or address book for future calling.

Essentially, with the unique access number to a specific contact you get "speed dial" access to your contacts that leverages Jajah's inexpensive calling rates utilizing their VoIP termination network. Further, if the contact is also a registered JAJAH user as well, in many cases the call will be free. This new service further extends JAJAH's popular free global calling service launched last year.

So rather than mess with dialing calling cards, entering phone #s and PINs, you could program your phone's speed dials which will instantly call Jajah's servers and then route the call to the appropriate contact. The beauty is not only the fast dialing but also that no PC is required for making an inexpensive call, which as I previously stated is often free.

Benefits of JAJAH Direct:
- Ultra-low rates for global calls
- International Internet calling without Internet access
- Works from any phone to anywhere in the world
- No monthly fees, no connection fees and no hidden costs
- No PIN codes, no pre-paid calling cards, no lengthy access numbers, no contract

Finally, Jajah plans to add more countries and local access numbers over the next couple of weeks.

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