New open source SIP softphone coming

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New open source SIP softphone coming

Robert Liu, yet another esteemed TMC news-hound has discovered a new open-source SIP softphone that is going to be released very soon. Robert has an interview with the company developing this new open-source VoIP softphone next week, so I am not going to steal his thunder - just provide the "teaser" here.

I'll give you a clue - it's a company I've mentioned within the last 25 blog posts. --- and no it's not Pingtel.

As I mentioned this past Friday, Earthlink's Vling softphone client uses a customized version of Pingtel's open-source SIP-based softphone. BTW, you can check out Pingtel's open-source SIP softphone here.

Let the guessing game begin! (post a guess in comments) If you guess right, I'll send you $5 via Paypal. Hey, it may only be $5, but winning and having bragging rights is invaluable.

- Robert Liu and the rest of TMC may not apply.
- The company creating this new open source softphone may not apply. You wouldn't take money from a journalist, now would you?
- One guess per email account
- One guess per IP address

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