Earthlink Vling uses Pingtel soft phone

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Earthlink Vling uses Pingtel soft phone

Earthlink Vling uses a new product developed in open-source by Pingtel. Earthlink is Pingtel's first customer for their open source SIP user agent called SIPxua which Earthlink is using to support its rollout of its hosted VoIP Vling service. Pingtel also develops an open-source IP-PBX called SIPxchange based on open source work done at, and which competes with the open source Asterisk platform.

The Earthlink Vling service is currently available for download on EarthLink’s website in beta form. The soft phone client is based on Pingtel’s SIPuxa.

Boy, Earthlink announced their federation with Google Talk just the other day and now this VoIP news? Earthlink has been busy on the VoIP front lately.

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