Nonoh takes on Jajah in cheap mobile calling

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Nonoh takes on Jajah in cheap mobile calling

Nonoh free calslNonoh is a new mobile application that lets you make free calls leveraging your browser (PC or mobile phone browser). Unlike Jajah's free worldwide calling option which requires both legs of the call to be registered, Nonoh lets you dial many destinations for free without forcing the remote calling party to register their phone number first.

For instance, Nonoh lets you dial U.S. phone numbers for free while Jajah charges 2 cents per minute when dialing an unregistered phone number.

Also, Nonoh also lets you send cheap text messages using the Nonoh software or use the SMS option in your personal Nonoh pages.

Nonoh has some pretty good rates for calling across the world. Here's a chart comparison with Jajah when dialing an unregistered Jajah phone number.
Location Nonoh Jajah
China Fix Free 2.9 Ct/MIN
Germany Fix Free 2.9 Ct/MIN
Netherlands Fix Free 3.2 Ct/MIN
Poland Fix Free 3.4 Ct/MIN
Russia Fix Free 3.2 Ct/MIN
United Kingdom Fix Free 2.8 Ct/MIN
USA Fix and Mobile Free 2.6 Ct/MIN

Go check out the rest of Nonoh's rates. Also, they're giving away 3 free minutes of calling to try the service, which you can read about here.

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