Palm Treo goes VoIP

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Palm Treo goes VoIP

VoIP for the Treo is now available. With the recent launch of the new Treo 700p, MantraGroup's timing to launch their VoIP client called mobiVoIP for the Palm-based OS couldn't be better. They claim to be the first VoIP solution targeted for Palm OS Devices. “We are the first company to release a VoIP solution for Palm OS. We are confident that mobiVoIP will truly change the way we use our Palm devices.” says Manohar Chapalamadugu, CEO of MantraGroup.

mobiVoIP works over all Treo's Internet connectivity methords, including Bluetooth, WiFi (Treo 650 only), or EVDO (Treo 700p). It allows the user to place telephone calls directly from the PDA. mobiVoIP is offered as a monthly service with various calling plans designed for North America and other countries.

Here is one of their plans:
Residential Calling Plan to anywhere in North America and Canada product
- 2.99c per minute [325 mins]
- Setup Fee $9.95 but currently waving the setup fee
- Valid for 1 month

Check them out

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