Pangean Delivers VoWiFi Push-to-Talk Solution for mobile phones and PDAs

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Pangean Delivers VoWiFi Push-to-Talk Solution for mobile phones and PDAs

Pangean Technologies, a company that makes P2P VoIP software based on the SIP protocol, has announced a new product called Y-Talk. I should mention that I reviewed Pangean's VoIP software in Internet Telephony Magazine as well as in my blog and was impressed with its use of SIP along with multicast technology to broadcast voice over an entire network to multiple endpoints. Y-Talk is based on the same insta-REACT! technology that earned a favorable review from me.

Y-Talk is Pangean's VoIP mobility solution for internal instant communications. It is expected to be officially released at the end of June 2006. Y-Talk is a SIP-based software application that transforms any PDA device running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 into a "Walkie-Talkie" like device using Push to Talk. Based on Pangean’s insta-REACT! product for PCs, the new solution enables Push to Talk on PDA devices for instant communications. Simply by pressing the Push to Talk button, you can instantly communicate using VoIP with team members and groups of colleagues simultaneously.

Pangean has also partnered with Symbol to integrate Y-Talk on Symbol's MC50 and MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA) and expects to receive certification from Symbol.

To find out more about Y-Talk and request an advanced copy of the solution, click here 

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