PBXtra 4.0 Released

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PBXtra 4.0 Released

Fonality today announced the release of PBXtra 4.0. New features in PBXtra include FindMe with Boomerang Mobile Integration, a feature that uses presence detection to automatically find employees on their mobile devices, allowing them to answer the call or bounce it to another extension. Other new features include tighter integration with mobile phones and web browsers, and enhanced support of branch offices.

One really cool feature that is part of the Boomerang Mobile feature is that you can dial *1 to record the mobile phone call and have it automatically stored on the PBXtra server. Another cool feature that Chris Lyman CEO of Fonality gave me a sneak preview a few weeks ago was FONcall, a new PBXtra plug-in for the Firefox web browser. It turns any phone number on any site into a link. When you click the link, PBXtra will automatically take an Aastra and Polycom off the hook and dial out to the number hands-free. I pointed out to Chris that there are similar plug-ins out there including Skype's browser plugin, and I added that Skype's plugin often brings your computer browser to its knees. Chris said he was well aware of that fact and they spent countless hours developing their plugin to make sure it wasn't a CPU hog. Also, no support for Internet Explorer yet - possibly never since Chris stated it was much harder to develop plugins for IE. (though I should point out that Skype's plugin works on IE)

Greg Galitzine has more on this news and was the first to post the story about this new release.

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