Philips VP5500 WiFi VoIP phone launches

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Philips VP5500 WiFi VoIP phone launches

The Philips VP5500 WiFi VoIP phone was announced way back in September 2005 and it was finally launched today in the Netherlands of all places. No offense Netherlands, but how come you get first dibs on this cool phone? :( Anyway, the sleekly styled VP-5500 is powered by Linux and lets users enjoy live video calls using its built-in VGA camera (640x480 resolution) that rotates up to 240 degrees and supports 30 FPS. Video calls are displayed on a 2.2" color LCD supporting 64k colors. The VP5500 features a video out port that lets others watch the video on a TV. Though hooking up a video wire kind defeats the purpose of using a wireless videophone, don't ya think?

You can also zoom in on captured still images stored on the phone's internal 1MB memory. It also features a built-in speakerphone and hands-free headset compatibility.

As previously mentioned, the Philips VP-5500 VoIP Videophone runs on Linux, so they've built this phone around "standards", such as Wi-Fi, WPA, and most importantly the SIP protocol standard. The VP5500 can be upgraded wirelessly and will support applications developed by service providers. No date has been set for a release outside of Holland, however Philips is looking to partner with third party operators.

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