PushCall.com Another Flash VoIP Player

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PushCall.com Another Flash VoIP Player

Kees van Nuland, Managing director of PushCall.com contacted Rich about their Flash-based VoIP application after seeing Rich's post. Just to recap the Flash VoIP landscape, we have FlashPhone, which I broke the story in early November, and yesterday I found out about TringMe's TringPhone. And of course there is the big honcho Adobe, working on a Flash VoIP solution codenamed Pacifica. According to the Adobe Pacifica blog site, Pacifica enables point-to-point (P2P) transmission of the media channel once the connection is established. It also uses the SIP standard and will have support for AIR applications. It will also enable connections to traditional phone networks (PSTN termination), provide support for text messaging, and include presence and availability functionality. They are also baking in some advanced firewall and NAT traversal techniques.

And now we have PushCall.com, a new player in the Flash VoIP game. PushCall.com is using a Flash front-end for their online customer contact (calls & chat). They redirect incoming calls to existing phone solutions (VoIP gateway or PSTN). The online customer only needs a speaker + microphone or headset to make a (free) call to a company using PushCall.com. When using PushCall.com you can choose either a phone number or a SIP address for the destination. I can definitely foresee hosted agents using a Flash VoIP application due to it's cross-platform support and portability - works on desktops, laptops, and even some mobile phones.

If you want to demo the technology and call Kees van Nuland, here's a direct link: http://www.pushcall.com/client/?key=pushcall

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