Ribbit Flash VoIP App Launch

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Ribbit Flash VoIP App Launch

Ribbit logoBack in September in my Skype Could Trump Facebook in Social Networking post, I talked about how Skype could beat Facebook, but I also discussed how Flash VoIP apps could be a major played in the VoIP space. One company I highlighted was Ribbit:

I recently came across a company called Ribbit that built an application in Flex and which runs on the Flash Player, and therefore doesn't requires a download and supports full telephone capabilities. According to the website, "The RibbitPhone Component will give Rich internet application developers the ability to make and receive calls, record/send and receive voicemail, as well as add and manage contacts."

A cool VoIP application utilizing Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) was created simulating the Apple iPhone UI called the AIR iPhone. Using the AIR iPhone combined with the RibbitPhone component you can make VoIP calls using the simulated iPhone.

Well, word is that they will be unleashing their Developer Platform on December 13th in San Francisco. Their site explains, "Chuck Freedman, Director of Ribbit’s Developer Platform, will share the magic behind Ribbit’s Developer Component, revealing how easy it is to code Adobe Flex and AIR applications to make/receive calls, record and send voice messages, and manage contacts. Learn about new features in the Beta 2 release, which allow Ribbit users to sign up, access and maintain their account from anywhere on the Web."

Their website (http://www.ribbit.com/) has a teaser saying "ever so often, a technology is invented that changes the world-and revolutionizes the way we thing, communicate, and live. We're about to launch something like that. coming soon." Thems some mighty big claims! Such a tease too. Although the site does have some clues. The site displays a guy sitting Indian style (or the recently learned Politically Correct 'pretzel style' - oy!) with a laptop on his lap, his eyes closed, and a mobile phone in his hand. The obvious implication is that using the laptop and/or the mobile phone the guy can more easily stay in communication and he will reach this "zen" state. Well, we shall see on the 13th...

Ribbit contacted me a couple days ago to tell me more about the launch I assume. We're playing email ping-pong at the moment trying to schedule a call, but when I find out more, I'll post something. Hopefully, I can see a demo of this in action.

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