Rich backs his VoIP tradeshow with his wallet

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Rich backs his VoIP tradeshow with his wallet

Rich Tehrani, publisher of Internet Telephony Magazine and carny-extraordinaire for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, backs up his pledge of having the best VoIP show in the world with his wallet. Starting with last year's Miami Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, Rich has offered a 100% money-back guarantee for conferees. So far no one has taken Rich up on his offer, so no doubt TMC's conferees have been very satisfied with the level of VoIP education at TMC's events.

It's too bad Rich doesn't yet offer the same money-back guarantee to exhibitors, since every single Internet Telephony show I have attended has been from "well attended" to a down-right mob scene! But alas, you always get in any type of event at least one or more exhibitors who aret happy with the amount of leads. Usually the problem is not the attendance, it's the exhibitor's poorly designed booth, poor display of their technology, as well as not the best marketing or sales people manning the booths. I can't tell you how many tradeshows I've gone to, disclosed I was "press" and got brushed off. That's not the way to treat any attendee interested in your product or service, and it's downright idiotic to treat any press member that way.

So offering a money-back guarantee to exhibitors with so many variables not under TMC's control would be a pretty risky thing for Rich to do. At least with the educational VoIP conference program TMC designs, the variables are under TMC's control - Rich knows that TMC is sending the best qualified speakers in the industry to speak at the show.

Tradeshow organizers, including TMC, can only market the show and bring qualified people there. After that, it's up to the exhibitors to promote and sell their wares. TMC has the world's 1st and the world #1 VoIP magazine, Internet Telephony Magazine, which actively promotes Internet Telephony Conference & Expo to over 40,000 BPA-audited readers. You will not find a more qualified audience than Internet Telephony Magazine's readers and as such, you will find that Internet Telephony Magazine draws more qualified attendees to the Internet Telephony Expo than any other VoIP tradeshow.

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