Rich is a moblogging machine!

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Rich is a moblogging machine!

Rich Tehrani has become a video moblogging machine! I had a script that allowed Rich to upload text posts to the blog simply by emailing a certain email account from his Windows Mobile 5 Verizon phone. I joked with Rich about me adding video support just a couple of weeks ago when I wrote:
How much would it be worth to you for me to add video support to the email-to-blog script?

This way you can capture videos on your Verizon XV6700 mobile phone, email it and then it will publish it onto your blog.

Could be a cool feature to capture a keynote while you are up on stage, or walking the show floor and you want to INSTANTLY show how the traffic is, etc. I think I can get 3gp videos to work somewhat easily but will require some programming. Not sure if I can get Windows .avi or .wmv files to work. Let me know if your Verizon phone supports 3GP videos.

So what’s it worth to ya to program this? Another big raise, a free lunch, or just a pat on the back?

How little did I know how addicted Rich would become to video blogging. I knew he'd enjoy the feature, but I certainly didn't expect >5 video blogs in just one day at ITEXPO -- not to mention all his other video blogs over the past couple weeks. Keep your eye on Rich's blog, especially if you couldn't make it to Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. You can be "virtually" here via Rich's blog.

Rich's plethora of posts is putting my blogging to shame -- I better start cranking out some interesting blog posts.

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