Sotto Wireless Sotto@SOHO cellular PBX

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Sotto Wireless Sotto@SOHO cellular PBX

Sotto Wireless today launched their "Instant Business Mobility Offering" called Sotto@SOHO, an interesting fixed mobile convergence solution that uses pre-configured Nokia E61i hybrid phones. Using cell phones for business is nothing new, but Sotto@SOHO extends the functionality of the cell phone to have PBX-like functionality. It features unlimited office voice services, a main number with automated attendant, conference calling, wireless email, unified voice messaging, and shared cellular minutes for voice and data.

I just arrived in Miami for ITEXPO, so I don't have time to provide full analysis. Seems pretty interesting, so sharing the news release below:

New Sotto@SOHO bundle gives small business everything needed to get started with Sotto’s integrated wireless and office phone communications service

SEATTLE, January 22, 2008 – Sotto Wireless, a leading provider of all-in-one business communications services, today unveiled the company’s new Sotto@SOHO bundled offering that gives small businesses a groundbreaking fixed mobile convergence solution in one self-installable package.  Sotto provides everything needed to get started with an integrated wireless and office phone communications service that helps businesses with mobile workforces get better control over rising telecommunications costs while significantly enhancing employee mobility and productivity.

With Sotto@SOHO, implementing a sophisticated, fully integrated business communications solution has become as simple as 1) order online from the Sotto website, 2) power everything up, and 3) begin using the service.  As a hosted Web-based service, Sotto eliminates expensive, complex equipment installation and configuration.  And unlike services that only offer hosted PBX (private branch exchange) functionality, Sotto is the first hosted telecommunications service to tightly integrate robust PBX functionality with full-featured cellular service.

A growing number of start-ups and small businesses are relying almost exclusively on cellular phones in lieu of a traditional office phone system and the complicated infrastructure that goes with it. Sotto@SOHO provides a simple way to make cell phones work harder and more effectively for businesses while providing users with unlimited minutes from the handset using Wi-Fi networks.  This allows even the smallest business to appear like an established corporation overnight, while providing visibility and control over costs.  Sotto’s hosted service is the fastest and easiest way to get an office phone system.

“The mobility of cellular phones is a major advantage for any business, especially start-ups that simply can’t afford to miss calls,” said Rod Nelson, CEO of Sotto Wireless. “But cell phones alone don’t provide the productivity benefits of a central phone system.  Sotto@SOHO makes cell phones a viable option for small businesses and home office users because it provides integrated, IP-based communications to make cell phones work harder and more cost-effectively.” 

Using Sotto@SOHO, customers have one number, one phone and one voice mailbox that work the same whether the user is in the office or on the road.  Included in the Sotto@SOHO service are full wireless data applications such as email and rich office services such as extension dialing, call transfers, and an automated attendant.  In addition, the Web-based Sotto Service Manager gives businesses full control over management of billing, calling rules and other features.

For companies with more than 10 users, Sotto along with leading carrier partners, offer the Unwired Office™ solution that expands on the core Sotto@SOHO offering to bring the benefits of fixed mobile convergence to larger businesses.  Sotto recently announced a partnership to market the Unwired Office solution with XO Communications, a leading provider of 21st century communications for businesses and communications service providers in 75 markets across the US.

Availability and Pricing

Available now at or by calling 1-866-SOTTO-01 or 1-866-768-860, Sotto@SOHO is available in 1- and 5-user packages or customers can customize their own packages for up to 10 users. Each package includes pre-configured Nokia E61i hybrid phones and a Sotto Gateway wireless router along with complete installation and usage instructions. Customers receive unlimited office voice services, a main number with automated attendant, conference calling, wireless email, unified voice messaging, shared cellular minutes for voice and data, and the Sotto Service Manager with a 1-year service commitment.  Additional discounts are available with a 2-year agreement.  Sotto offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Pricing begins at $299 for equipment with monthly subscriptions starting at $50 per user for the Sotto service and $81 for cellular plans.

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