Spirit DSP Lands Huawei Technologies

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Spirit DSP Lands Huawei Technologies

TMCNet is reporting that Spirit DSP has landed China-based networking giant Huawei Technologies. Huawei will license SPIRIT's TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine PC which enhanced the voice quality for VoIP calls.

Alex Kravchenko, VP Sales & Marketing at SPIRIT DSP, said "Huawei's choice underscores the enormous demand for wideband VoIP. TeamSpirit Voice Engine PC is backed by award-winning proprietary technology that offers unprecedented quality. We are proud to partner with such a significant player in the global market to help operators to attract new customers and deliver new exciting, rich, interactive, multimedia services on market demand."

You know, I used to consider Global IP Sound (GIPS) the leader in voice engines, but I may have to reconsider that opinion. First, I stated back in 2006 that Skype dropped a bombshell on GIPS by dropping their voice engine and I was told I was flat out wrong by GIPS's Gary Hermansen. But soon after Gary left GIPS and Skype dropped GIPS and switched to Sonorit, whom Skype acquired. So now GIPS isn't used by Skype, their formerly biggest customer and today Spirit DSP has a huge win by having Huawei, the networking giant, license their technology. I believe the only networking company bigger than Huawei is Cisco.

GIPS was certainly the first company to offer VoIP packet loss concealment along with adaptive jitter buffer and network optimizing functionality, but their early lead certainly seems to be shrinking. I'm certainly not rooting for Spirit DSP to trump GIPS. In fact, my first experience with adaptive codecs was when I tested/reviewed GIPS back in late 2002, so there is a bit of nostalgia with GIPS that wants me see them succeed.

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