SunRocket offers low-priced limited VoIP service plan

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SunRocket offers low-priced limited VoIP service plan

SunRocket, today announced that it will offer a limited VoIP service plan for $9.95 per month that includes enhanced 911 service, free calling features such as call waiting, caller ID and three-way calling, 200 minutes of global calling and unlimited inbound and SunRocket to SunRocket Internet phone calling. Unlimited inbound but only 200 minutes of global calling? Interesting... So what you can do as a workaround is simply call someone and say "Quick! Call me back, I've only got 200 minutes available". ;) Although, if the person calling you doesn't have an unlimited long distance plan they might not be willing to oblige by calling you back. Actually $9.95 isn't a bad price to pay for 200 minutes plus unlimited inbound, especially if you receive more phone calls than you make. Of course, SunRocket's per-minute rate of $0.03/minute is also competitive once you go over the 200 minute/month allowance.

“The SunRocket Limited Edition service speaks directly to consumers eager to experience Internet phone service at the industry’s most compelling price point,” said Joyce Dorris, co-founder and Chief Marketing Office at SunRocket. “Whether a customer needs a second phone line, wants to save on international calling, or is just seeking a simple and inexpensive residential phone service to complement their cell phone, SunRocket’s Limited Edition is a pioneering alternative for mainstream America.”

The SunRocket $9.95 per month Limited Editionsm provides unlimited inbound calling plus 200 minutes of outbound calling to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the 41 International SunSpot destinations (extra minutes cost just $.03); Enhanced 911; low international rates; and Bottom Line Pricing. All taxes are included, and extra phone numbers and enhanced voice mail can be added for $3 per month each. Customers who purchase the service can also make unlimited Internet phone calls to other SunRocket subscribers for free, providing friends and family the opportunity to keep in touch as much as they want – without adding a cent to their monthly bill.

All-inclusive features available with the $9.95 Limited Edition Service Plan at no additional charge to customers include:

Call Waiting
Caller ID with Name
Call Waiting ID
Speed Dial
Three-Way Calling
Call Return
Anonymous Call Rejection
Outbound Caller ID Blocking

A $39.95 fee for equipment is charged with this plan unless equipment has already been purchased by the consumer at a retailer. As always with SunRocket, there are no hidden charges, no term contracts and no penalties for canceling service anytime.

The SunRocket Limited Edition is designed to give consumers who are not yet ready to cut the cord with their old phone company the opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits of Internet-enabled phone service for less than $10 a month. “It is a great way to turn your home broadband connection into a phone line and save big on long distance and international calling,” said Dorris.

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