TeleBlend Offers $99.99/year Unlimited VoIP Calling Plan

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TeleBlend Offers $99.99/year Unlimited VoIP Calling Plan

teleblend-logo.jpgTeleBlend, you know the Sunrocket saviors, after the 2007 Sunrocket implosion, today announced that it will be offering one year of unlimited local and long distance calling for just $99. If you recall, Sunrocket was offering $299.99/year for unlimited calling just 2 years ago. Now that same offering is going for $99/year. Amazing how quickly prices have dropped in just two years.

The $99 Annual Plan is available for a limited time only and includes unlimited US calling, a free device, 15 free calling features including caller ID, voicemail and simultaneous ring with no cancellation fees.

"TeleBlend has always strived to provide the most affordable unlimited phone service in the industry. With the launch of our new $99 Annual Plan, we feel that we have accomplished that goal and not only made phone service more affordable to households around the nation but also more convenient."

Since the new unlimited $99 Annual Plan is a limited time offer, the question now becomes, "How much will it be in one year?" ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

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