Telefonica Launches Skype Competitor Tu Me

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Telefonica Launches Skype Competitor Tu Me

telfonica-tu-me.jpgTelefónica today launched a new mobile app called Tu Me, which essentially takes the approach if you can't beat Skype, join em'. Tu Me features texts, voice calls, messages, and location and photo sharing - all free of charge, with the caveat that it uses your data plan more, so it isn't technically "free" unless you are on an unlimited data plan or you use free Wi-Fi hotspots most of the time.

The app is currently only available on iOS however Android is coming. Tu Me enables communication and sharing between mobile phones, recording every interaction through a searchable timeline, obviously borrowing some elements from the Facebook social network and others.

There are some major caveats with this app. First, this app requires both caller and recipient to have the app installed. Second, you cannot call phone numbers using this app - it's strictly a P2P VoIP app. Seems a bit limited to me. It also doesn't do video, doesn't do PSTN calling, and only works with other Tu Me users. The only purpose really is for Telefónica users NOT to use up their bucket of voice minutes or pay for SMS messages. Whoop Dee Do! This is less of a Skype competitor and more of along the lines of Viber or Whatsapp.

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