Time Warner Cable Beefs Up Home Phone Features with VoiceZone

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Time Warner Cable Beefs Up Home Phone Features with VoiceZone

time-warner-cable-logo.jpgTime Warner Cable, the second-largest cable operator in the U.S., with  more than 14 million customers today announced VoiceZone, a new web-based portal providing online access to customizable features for customers to control and monitor Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service over the web.

VoiceZone customers can change call settings including caller ID, access voicemail, block unwanted calls and set distinctive rings, which can be accessed through the company’s My Services online platform under the MyHomePhone tab. VoiceZone is a free service, but customers must first register for MyServices at http://myservices.timewarnercable.com.

“Time Warner Cable is focused on keeping customers easily connected to what’s important to them.  The introduction of VoiceZone to MyServices, much like our recently added Remote DVR Manager, provides customers with the convenience of managing Time Warner Cable products from outside the home,” said Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Cable’s East Region.  

VoiceZone features:

  • Visual Voicemail -- view a list of voicemail messages, listen to them on the computer, delete unwanted messages, send home voicemail messages to e-mail and save/download messages.  Also, Home Voicemail to E-mail can deliver voice messages to your e-mail as an audio file so you can listen to your messages anytime.
  • Caller ID on PC – view the number of the person who is calling on any computer with Internet access or via AIM Instant Messenger®.
  • Distinctive Ring Tones – identify important incoming calls.
  • Selective Call Handling – block/reject or forward calls based on a specified list of phone numbers.
According to Time Warner Cable's untangled blog:
With Caller ID on PC you see who is calling your home phone on any PC with Internet access. Imagine being at work and seeing that your doctor is calling you at home. You can then return the call right away, or when it’s most convenient.

Other innovative features include Home Voicemail to Email and Selective Call Blocking. The first one offers the ability to get home voicemail sent via email, with the actual recorded message attached as an audio file.  With Selective Call Blocking, you can block calls from telemarketers or any unwanted callers.

Definitely some cool features. But I'd like to see them offer an iPhone and Android SIP-based app for taking VoIP calls directly. Perhaps even offer outbound calling via this mobile app to use your unlimited Time Warner phone plan.

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