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Top VoIP Blogs

Saw a couple of very recent Top VoIP blog lists I thought I'd share. I'm in both of these top VoIP blogs lists along with all the usual suspects.

List #1 link: Top 7 VoIP Blogs to Watch

1) GigaOm

2) Communications and Technology Blog 

3) VoIP & Gadgets Blog


Another TMC blog, and a good one: Tom Keating: CTO, VP, Founder TMC Labs uses his 14 yrs telecom experience and 28 yrs "programming, tinkering with & breaking computers" to cover VoIP issues in lively interesting fashion: Recent topics include: SIP Print VoIP Appliance Review; a Skype Headset Review; and Microsoft's releasing two new UC training tools.

4) VoIP IP Telephony

5) No Jitter:

6) Fierce VoIP

7) VoIP Watch

List #2 link: The Top 33 (Other) VoIP Blogs

batman-pow-punch.jpgToo long to list them all here, but I like how he lists my TMCNet blog first and then writes - "Rich Tehrani's blog at TMCNet - the other big hitter in TMC's one-two voip blogger punch."

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