trixbox 2.0 launches

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trixbox 2.0 launches

trixbox version 2.0 launched today. Current trixbox customers will automatically receive their upgrade to 2.0 between today (Tax Day) April 15th and Wednesday, April 16th, and best of all, it's 100% FREE. trixbox Pro Version 2.0 is a big release for trixbox, in fact Fonality boldly claims it as "actually our biggest ever, adding over 120 enhancements to your phone system."

Here are some highlighted new features:

All Editions 
FONcall™ is a plug-in for the Firefox web browser which turns any phone number on any web site into a link. Just click the link and your phone will automatically dial -- it's that simple.  FONcall will even take your Aastra and Polycom off-hook so the whole experience is hands-free. Use FONcall with CRM software for an instant productivity gain. Learn more about FONcall here.

Calendar-Based Scheduling
Many customers wanted a way to create custom schedules for specific dates on a calendar -- well, now you can! Have your call menu do something spooky on October 31st or something festive during the week of Christmas.

Night Mode
Have your office manager dial 3 keys on their phone and have your phone system go to work so you can go to sleep.

New Phone Support
Support an entirely new line of sleek Aastra and Polycom phones, including the Aastra 51i, 53i, 55i, 57i, 57i CT. We also are supporting the Polycom 320, 330, 550, 560 and 650 models.

Hands Free Phone Auto-Provisioning
By just connecting your phones to your network, extensions will be created, configuration files for your phones generated and your phones automatically assigned to the new extensions! Hands free phone auto-provisioning is supported on all supported Aastra models and Polycom models with firmware 2.2 and above.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Support
You can now view whether other users of your phone system are on the phone directly from your phone! Using the Company Directory, you can easily drag-and-drop users into your BLF area on any Aastra model with BLF support. We have even added automatic detection and support for the Aastra 536M and 560M sidecars to extend the number of BLF keys available on your Aastra phone.

Linked Company and Name Directories
Your Company Directory and Name Directory (spell-by-name) now respect all your branch offices instead of just your local office. This means that callers can now locate employees across all linked branches by calling any individual branch.

E1 and BRI
Under the main tab labeled "Options", you will see a choice labeled "cards". This page now supports using E1s and auto-configuring BRI cards.
Alerts, Alerts, Alerts!
A host of new alerts are now available. Receive alerts via email or text message about the following new events: red/yellow alarms on PRI, RAID hard disk failure, low or no-voltage warnings on your analog lines, and more.

Reseller Single-Screen Management
Resellers:  now you can manage all of your customers from one Admin interface. You can hot-switch between installations with two clicks of the mouse in the lower-right corner of the Admin Panel.

Enterprise Edition
All Features of Standard Edition, plus…

Now callers can find you wherever you are: on your cell phone, at home, or at a branch office based on rules you create. Make FindMe work for you with various features such as: a scheduler, simultaneous ringing, and privileged lists. Our new FindMe feature is even smart enough to sense when you have walked away from your desk and thereby ring you on your cell phone (this feature requires HUD).

trixbox 2.0 boomerang FindMe
Boomerang®  Mobile Integration
Welcome to our trademark Boomerang feature. Used in conjunction with FindMe, Boomerang allows you to send a call that has been forwarded to your cell phone right back to any extension on your PBX. Simply press a few keys on your cell and...presto...that call is redirected to your assistant or back to your own desk. You can even record calls on your mobile using Boomerang!

Call Screening The coolest feature in my opinion
Call screening allows you to talk to who you want, when you want. When you enable FindMe® on your extension, optionally use call screening to screen the calls that are forwarded to your mobile, home, or other phone numbers.  Before the call is forwarded, the voice prompt will ask the caller to record their name, and that recording will be played to you before you accept the incoming call. trixbox Pro takes call screening to the next level!
Call Center Edition
All Features of Standard Edition, plus…
All Features of Enterprise Edition, plus…

Barged Call Report
With the ability to barge calls using HUD Agent, your call center manager can now run reports on these barged calls from the CDR Reports page.

Agents on Cell Phones - Improved
Queue calls which are forwarded to cell phones now have press-to-accept automatically enabled to prevent accidentally dropping a queue call into personal cell phone voicemail.

Rich Tehrani interviewed Chris Lyman where he goes into much more detail about the latest Trixbox/Fonality news. To get the details, check out Rich's podcast interview with Chris Lyman.

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