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VoIP Alarm

There was lots of "hoopla" yesterday about the Vonage deal with Alarm.com to allow home alarm systems to work on VoIP lines, including Andy's blog, CNet, and more. These articles were mostly based on a release that either Vonage or Alarm.com put out. What these articles neglect to mention is that Alarm.com was not the first to offer an alarm system that works on a VoIP phone line. In fact, I blogged about the first VoIP-capable alarm system which also happens to be "VoIP service provider agnostic" a few months ago. (works with Vonage, Packet8, AT&T CallVantage, etc.)

In fact, I had a "scoop" about the first VoIP-compatible alarm system provided by NextAlarm. In that NextAlarm blog entry, I also talk about the issues of DTMF (touch-tone) fidelity issues arising when you are transmitting DTMF digits to your alarm monitoring station.

Still, it is nice to see other alarm companies, who by their very nature are conservative and cautious towards new technology, to start embracing VoIP which will enable their customer-base to finally "snip" their PSTN landline is go all VoIP.

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