VoIP products on QVC channel

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VoIP products on QVC channel

ATS E6501I just received word that American Telecom Services, Inc. (AMEX: TES), a provider of converged communications solutions, is scheduled to feature its VoIP phone on the QVC channel tonight at midnight (ET) during the “Your Home Office” broadcast.

The ATS Voice-Over-Internet Protocol Phone (QVC Item #E0381) is a multi-handset, cordless Internet telephone that includes an integrated IP voice platform in the base of the phone to ensure easy and clear connections for the user. The phones come bundled with Internet telephone service from SunRocket.

I believe this is the first VoIP product I've heard of that is being featured on the QVC channel. Of course, I don't watch QVC, so I wouldn't know. Boy, I have to say, VoIP used to be so "niche" years ago. Now you've got Chloe on 24 talking with a guy in a bar about VoIP. You have Cisco VoIP phones at CTU headquarters and prominently displayed on each 24 episode (wonder how much that plug costs Cisco). I recently saw some VoIP products advertised by affiliates at my local movie theater. Yes, yes, I know VoIP is mainstream now and has been for a while.

The niche is over. Heck, there are a ton more VoIP blogs today than there were just a couple years ago. Blogging is all about finding a "niche" to write about, but the VoIP space is getting mighty crowded. Maybe I should just retire my VoIP & Gadgets blog and move on to another niche? Hmmmm.... "No, don't do it, Tom! We love you. We need our morning VoIP & gadgetry fix!"

Nah. No worries. I'll stick around. Still plenty interesting VoIP stuff to write about.

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