VoIP Supply Thanks TMC & IT EXPO

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VoIP Supply Thanks TMC & IT EXPO

Garrett Smith from VoIPSupply.com has a nice post thanking TMC for our efforts in promoting his company and helping to make them one of the leading VoIP distributors in the U.S. Garrett writes, "As i was sending out meeting requests for the upcoming Internet Telephony Conference and Expo, I got to thinking about what a positive impact the event has had on VoIP Supply and for me personally." He goes on by saying, "While I can’t give all of the credit for VoIP Supply’s or my personal success to TMC, I would like to thank them for providing a venue for us to connect with the industry, build relationships and grow our business. So to Nadji, Rich, Dave, Tom, Greg, Anthony, Joe and the rest of the TMC crew I say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and for treating this wide-eyed wet-behind-the-ears kids from a unknown company like a “somebody” from day one."

It certainly is nice to hear how TMC has helped VoIP Supply be successful and to hear some historical background. Speaking of history, I'm reminded of how TMC was the 1st company to launch a VoIP magazine (Internet Telephony Magazine) in 1997 and was the 1st to write a VoIP product review back in 1996 - if you can believe that! I personally believe that part of TMC's tremendous success in the VoIP industry can certainly be attributed to being the first publishing and tradeshow company in the VoIP space. Internet Telephony Magazine continues to be the most successful VoIP magazine in the industry and Internet Telephony Expo continues to grow year-over-year. I for one am very excited to be attending IT Expo next week. I'm also moderating a few sessions, which should be fun!

Finally, let me just return the thanks to Garrett and also point out Rich's humble response to Garrett's post, which you can check out here.

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