VoIP Supply Thanks TMC

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is working with smaller and newer companies and helping them become larger, more profitable and eventually large. I like to help large companies as well of course but the small ones are always more grateful as they can more easily measure how you’ve helped them and subsequently give you credit. They also have more skin in the game.
Recently Garrett Smith was nice enough to detail how TMC and VoIP Supply have worked together over the years to help VoIP Supply become the successful company they are today. Of course TMC can’t take all the credit… We can only help with branding, thought leadership and lead generation. In the end the customer must have a well-run organization to become really successful.
Congratulations to Garrett Smith, Ben Sayers and the VoIP Supply team for doing such a fine job in the IP communications space and I look forward to seeing you at ITEXPO in just over a week. As always, we really appreciate the positive feedback and look forward to working with VoIP Supply more closely in the future to help achieve/exceed your growth goals.
One last thought: Thanks to the hard-working and ultra-dedicated TMC team for allowing TMC to receive a steady stream of testimonials from around the industry.

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