VONaLink DialBridge Cell Phone to VoIP Gateway Released

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VONaLink DialBridge Cell Phone to VoIP Gateway Released

Arcosoft Inc., developer of VoIP call recording software, today announced the release of VONaLink DialBridge. . Services exist to enable someone to call a local gateway number, enter the destination number, and then be connected at cheaper rates than dialing directly. DialBridge is similar, except that the DialBridge software runs on your cpmputer so that your VoIP service provider can be leverages for low-cost long distance VoIP.

My first thought was that this solution must be hardware-based, since you need PSTN connectivity for the incoming call to the PC. I figured it was some sort of ATA network device, a USB gadget with FXO port, or perhaps it leverages a voice modem (though unlikely). I was surprised to learn this is a a 100% software-based solution. It leverages your VoIP softphone client for both inbound (your inbound cell phone call) and outbound connectivity (the number you are dialing). Tested VoIP providers include Vonage and Callcentric. I'm not sure exactly how it "hooks" into these softphone clients and tells them to initiate an outbound call as well as tells it to conference the call with your inbound cell phone call. Perhaps it's a simple pre-programed scripting & macro language that sends mouse clicks and keystrokes to the softphone. I'll have to download it and check it out.

In any event, caller authentication is by caller ID or password. Optionally, DialBridge can do a callback so that instead of a long-distance outgoing call from a cell phone, the call is turned into an incoming call, allowing the unlimited incoming minutes of a cell phone plan to be used.

DialBridge runs on Windows Vista, XP Pro, 2003, and 2000. Priced at $29 USD, DialBridge is available now for evaluation download.

It's much simpler than I thought. Since DialBridge is a softphone, you simply enter your SIP credentials in DialBridge and it connects to your SIP provider.

It is simply a SIP call from the PC to a SIP-based ITSP, such as Vonage. The software basically acts as a SIP relay. The software takes an inbound SIP PSTN call (to your Vonage DID) and then initiates an outbound call though Vonage's SIP server.

I assume for the 1st leg of the call when you dial the PC the software plays a prompt, i.e. "Enter phone number to dial" and then the software passes these DTMF digits to Vonage's SIP server (or another ITSP) and dials the 2nd leg. The software must mux the audio from both legs together. I have an email out to Arcosoft/Vonalink to ask if my assumptions are correct.

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