ZANGI New Mobile VoIP & Video App Launching Soon

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ZANGI New Mobile VoIP & Video App Launching Soon

ZANGI is a new mobile app that supports free SMS, voice and video calls, multi-user conferences, instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, integration with other programs and more. ZANGI is still in "stealth mode", but I'm told their offering is coming out next month with support for multiple mobile platforms including OS, Android OS, Symbian, Windows PC, or Windows Mobile. It can also be used via web interface or through social networks like Facebook, Google+, etc. How integrated with these popular social networks remains to be seen. It also supports syncing of your address book, as shown here:


Using ZANGI you will have local and international calls and SMS for free when dialing other ZANGI users and calls to none ZANGI users they claim will be at very low rates. In order to use ZANGI you only need to have WiFi or 3G/4G connection and the application installed on your smartphone. The app is also GPS/location aware, though I'm not sure why exactly it needs to be location-aware.

The video calling, multi-user conferencing, and file sharing certainly seem interesting. Can't wait to try it out. As previously mentioned, they are still in stealth mode, so their mobile and desktop apps aren't yet available. But this is a company to keep your eye on over the next few weeks if looking to try a new mobile VoIP / video / SMS app.

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