Vonage begs customers to stay

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Vonage begs customers to stay

Last week, Russell Shaw reported on how Vonage is essentially "begging" customers to stay by offering discounts (down to $19.99/month) to their monthly service. As a Vonage customer myself, still looking to dump Vonage in the next few weeks (See: Time to Dump Vonage), maybe I can get a discount as well? Maybe if they offer me $10/month I'll stick with Vonage. Rich thinks offering discounts in a brilliant move. Brilliant for the customers wallet and perhaps brilliant for Vonage to retain customers, but not so brilliant for share holders since discounted pricing can only weaken Vonage's revenues.

Boy, Vonage is having a really bad month with customer lawsuits over the IPO, Verizon's lawsuit over patents, and my pending lawsuit against Vonage for my cold pizza.

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