Vonage UK launches new low cost V-Plan calling plans

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Vonage UK launches new low cost V-Plan calling plans

Vonage today announced two new low cost call plans for their Vonage UK subsidiary. According to Vonage UK, "Following customer research and reacting directly to consumer concern about increasing household costs and spiraling business overheads, Vonage has created two new fixed rate call plans."

They added, "Vonage subscribers report enormous savings on their monthly bills and comment on the speed and ease of swapping providers as well as installing Vonage. The new call plans fly in the face of increasing utility prices and the new £6.99 plan has been designed for the high percentage of Vonage consumers requesting more cost efficient plans for North America."

Vonage's £7.99, £14.99 and £18.99 plans incorporating up to 45 countries remain unchanged. The two new call plans offer Vonage's lowest ever rates and are called V-Plan UK and V-Plan US.

• £5.99 per month - unlimited calls to the UK (V-Plan UK)
- Premium features such as call waiting, caller ID, call diversion, voicemail, three way calling (normally billed as extras with other providers), are included as standard.

• £6.99 per month - unlimited calls to the UK, United States and Canada (V-Plan US)
- As above plus, for only £1 extra per month, unlimited calls to the US and Canada to include calls to US and Canadian mobile phones.

Here's a screenshot of the various V-Plan calling options. Click image to see the plans:

Vonage to Vonage calls are free. Also, there are no hidden costs with Vonage - prices are always quoted including VAT.

Vincent Potier, Managing Director of Vonage, said; "We recognise how important it is for customers to keep costs low and as predictable as possible - especially in light of the current economy. Our new plans enable customers to make worry free calls for as long as they want and show our long term commitment to listening and responding to our customers as well as offering the highest level of customer service and value for money".

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