AdMob Sees Explosive Mobile Phone Internet Usage

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AdMob Sees Explosive Mobile Phone Internet Usage

admob-logo.jpgA fascinating if not predictable report from AdMob was just released yesterday showing explosive mobile phone web surfing growth. In their September 2009 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report AdMob received more than 100 million ad requests from 14 countries, and more than 10 million ad requests from 64 countries. This data was collected using AdMob's network of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications. Of course, just about everyone is now using their mobile phone to check email, surf the web, tweet via Twitter, check their Facebook, update their statuses, etc. So of course there will be a growth spurt in mobile data. I will say that if mobile manufacturers had come up with a decent browsing experience 10 years ago (i.e. the iPhone browsing experience) I think we would have seen a much earlier adoption of high-end smartphones and a much earlier spike in mobile Internet usage.

The report highlights the rapid growth in usage of mobile Web sites and applications on new devices in the past year. Surprisingly in September 2008, the Motorola RAZR still holds on as the "top device" in the US, and the iPhone was the only touchscreen device in the Top 10. Apparently, there are still a lot of legacy phones out there or lots of people just can't afford to upgrade to a smartphone.

In September 2009, the list of the top 10 devices includes five with touchscreens, six with Wi-Fi capabilities, and six with application stores.  These devices are responsible for a much higher percentage of mobile usage than their share of handsets sold. However feature phones like the Samsung R450 and Motorola RAZR V3 still represent 60 percent of ad requests in the US.  The strong mobile Web usage on these feature phones is likely driven by unlimited data plans.

Highlights from the September 2009 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report include:
•    In September 2007 AdMob had 1.6 billion ad requests, in September 2008 5.1 billion, and in September 2009 10.2 billion.
•    Nearly every region of the world experienced immense growth in the past two years, with North America, Asia, Western Europe, Oceania and Latin America seeing a six-fold increase in traffic since September 2007.
•    Worldwide iPhone and iPod touch traffic increased 19 times from September 2008 to September 2009 in the AdMob network.
•    In September 2009 42 percent of requests in the US were made from Wi-Fi capable devices. 18 percent of actual US requests were made over a Wi-Fi connection in September 2009 compared to only 5 percent in September 2008.
•    Devices running on the Android Operating System (OS) accounted for 17 percent of smartphone traffic in AdMob's network in the US in September 2009, up from 13 percent in August 2009. The HTC Dream (G1) was the number three device and the HTC Magic was the number 10 device in September 2009 in the US. As with the iPhone OS, much of the Android traffic in AdMob's network came from applications.

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Well, this is pretty cool. I didn't have the slightest idea that the ads I were seeing on my iPhone came from one source. Admob is such a potential advertising firm that's when shaked-lightly could produce an extremely big (ROI) Return of Investment to BIG G

Will Admob be The New Adsense for Mobile?

You gotta love the timing of Google - having a recent release of Android powered Phones then buying this mobile-advertising firm.

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