Andy loves his in-flight wireless Internet access

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Andy loves his in-flight wireless Internet access

Andy emailed me a link to a post where he is quite enthused over his experience of wireless Internet access experiences on intercontinental Lufthansa and SAS flights, and then scolds Boeing for possibly shelving their in-flight Internet access. Andy talks about his great experiences with Internet access while flying and of course Andy tests VoIP during the flight. He doesn't mention whether he used Skype, his client SightSpeed, or some other VoIP client.

I also just noticed Andy redesigned the look of his blog. Nicely done, Andy! It even looks like his blog now accepts trackbacks - about friggin' time! Andy used to allow trackbacks until he got flooded with trackback spam, so I'm guessing Andy is trusting TypePad to now block most trackback spam. TypePad certainly has gotten better at that.

Andy still has his infamous photo of balancing on a beach pylon except instead of balancing on the left side of the screen, Andy is now balancing on the right. Does that mean you've swung to the Right politically as well, Andy?

Oh wait, just noticed the link Andy sent me is to a different blog called Working Anywhere. His VoIP Watch blog design hasn't changed at all. He's still swinging on a pylon on the left on his popular VoIP Watch blog. I guess Andy swings both ways...

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