Major AT&T Outage

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Major AT&T Outage

There appears to be a regional and perhaps nationwide outage of AT&T services. Several co-workers have reported that their Apple iPhones cannot make phone calls or receive texts.

I tested my iPhone and sent some text messages that took over 5 minutes to be received - much longer than usual. According to Twitter, both AT&T and Sprint are experiencing a nationwide outage. Could Cyber Monday be affecting AT&T's & Sprint's network? Inquiring minds want to know.

Post a comment if you know what's up with AT&T's (& Sprint's) service.
According to some related articles below, Comcast, a major ISP is also experiencing an outage. Too coincidental that AT&T, Sprint, and Comcast are all offline. Must be Cyber Monday related. That or terrorists trying to stop one of the largest shopping days of the year.angry-punching

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