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Disney Customer Service

There's an article on MSNBC today about airports turning to Disney for tips on customer service:

It's worth the read. If you've ever been to a Disney park and you know a thing or two about customer service, you're likely to observe that nobody does it better than Disney. Crowd control and queue management have been turned into art forms by Disney, and the company also does very well with one-on-one customer service.

I once personally observed a customer service miracle at Disneyworld: my then three-year-old niece was eating a Mickey-shaped ice cream off a stick. It was a hot day, and as ice creams do in hot weather, the ice cream fell off the stick, dropping onto the pavement. My niece's eyes bulged. Her face turned red. But before she could get the mouth fully open to start yelling, a Disney employee was at her side offering a new ice cream. It was unwrapped and back in her mouth before she fully realized what had happened. The Disney employee then quickly cleaned up the fallen ice cream, eliminating evidence of its existence, and basically melted back into the shrubbery.

At the time, I was tempted to run after the employee and check to see if he had actually been human or was some sort of ultra-efficient courtesy robot Disney had quietly invented on the sly.

Disney takes a lot of knocks for a variety of reasons. But love them or hate them, one thing you must admit is that what they do, they do very, very well.


Feedback for Disney Customer Service


Disney definitely focuses on creating a great customer service experience. In fact their training focuses on creating a specific environment in which workers see themselves as part of an ongoing stage production where they are cast members. While they are in the viewing public they are considered on stage and they must perform their roles. Of course their role is to create a wonderful and entertaining environment for guests.

I sailed with Disney 12/22/07-12/29/07. I have a problem with a account charge stemming from the cruise. I have emailed Disney numerous times and phoned once. I have gotten one response from Disney and I haven't heard from them again. My concern still isn't solved. What else can I do to Get Disney's attention regarding this matter.....Thank you...MJS

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