Must see (and hear) speech rec webinar Thursday Aug.14

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Must see (and hear) speech rec webinar Thursday Aug.14

Speech recognition has long been a 'tomorrow' technology, promising the ability to deliver contact center functionality without having contact center agents delivering them, resulting in reduced transaction costs.

While the applications have reached a level that they are sufficiently rugged, user-friendly, and widespread to the point where they have trained us to speak to 'them', they have--until now--still been too expensive to be deployed outside of major and deep pocket enterprises.

Until now...that is.

There is a TMC webinar taking place Thursday August 14 at 1pm ET that will explain how JetBlue has sliced speech rec application costs to a fraction of what they are traditionally. The virtual event, sponsored by Aumtech, features speakers from JetBlue, Microsoft, and Aumtech.

I'm intrigued. I can't wait to moderate this webinar. I therefore urge everyone in the contact center business who has an hour available on Thursday to log in, listen in, follow the presentation, and then take part in the Q&A. Here's a link to the session and to register.

Hope you'll be on the call, and online.

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