In-Flight Phone Usage

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In-Flight Phone Usage

There are several things I hope for before I get on an airplane. One, that I won't be seated between two arm-rest hogs. I also hope for basic hygiene from my seat companions, which includes restraint from engaging in any bodily function that causes smells or extraordinary noises. Third, I usually hope to avoid being seated next to an infant who has just discovered the delights of using his or her lungs and vocal chords to maximum capacity; or a small child with an upset tummy, a bad case of motion sickness and uncanny projectile aim.

Until now, I've never had to worry about taking a six-hour flight stuck next to someone using a mobile phone to shout at his broker or recount his groin hernia surgery in minute detail to his cousin in Oklahoma.

Looks like I'll soon need to add another bullet point to my pre-flight wish list:


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