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Better Broadband Across NYC Bridges

June 29, 2005

Fixed-wireless Internet provider TowerStream today announced its expansion in New York City. TowerStream’s fourth Point of Presence (PoP), in NYC, will provide widespread availability to the company’s wireless broadband for businesses in Brooklyn and Queens


“By completely bypassing Verizon's infrastructure and controlling our own network, TowerStream is able to offer more affordable prices and features for businesses of all sizes,” said Jeff Thompson, COO and president of TowerStream, in the company’s announcement. 


Businesses in the outer boroughs, across Brooklyn and Queens, are now able to choose reliable T1 and 100 Mbps connections, digital voice lines, bandwidth on demand, wireless redundancy, VPNs, disaster recovery, bundled data and video services. As well, TowerStream’s Quality of Service will also allow companies to prioritize the network’s bandwidth to support their high-importance applications. Further, new customers can opt for the company’s Rapid Installation Program, which guarantees the installation of equipment and access to the company’s network within 48 hours. 


TowerStream at this time has hundreds of customers in the New York metropolitan area, encompassing all five boroughs and New Jersey. Current PoPs in Manhattan are located at the Empire State Building, the MetLife building, and the AT&T building (at 32 Sixth Avenue), each delivering broadband over a 10-mile radius, forming a redundant wireless ring in the sky.


For TowerStream’s formal announcement, go here



— On a personal note, I plan on going to cable or DSL at my home in Brooklyn. I invite any recommendations from this blog’s readers — those being Brooklynites or Queens residents — regarding their input of relevant rapid and reliable providers. —  




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