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Mobile Phone Hugs!

June 30, 2005

Every few decades, a technological innovation causes such a stir that it can change the landscape of every echelon of technology — perhaps even all of humanity. There were the first computers, which took up entire office rooms, decades ago. There was the microchip. There was the Internet. Now — hugms.


As we well know, cell phones are frequently achieving capabilities never-before thought of. Here’s one of them. 


Hugms, a project by Mark Argo, is “a device designed for sending someone you care about a hug using your mobile phone,” according to creator Argo on his hugms Web site. Once hugms is connected to your mobile phone, all you have to do is send it the phone number of the person to whom you’d like to send the hug; and then squeeze. Sensors inside the device read how long and how hard you have squeezed; then it formats a text message based on your hug. As in: 


A long squeeze would look like — 




A short and hard squeeze would look like — 




Hugms connects to your phone over Bluetooth. Once paired, it can be used any time to send hugs to whomever you choose: one person or a group. The device is small and can easily be carried around with you. Here is the step-by-step process by which it works: 


·         Connect your phone and hugms using Bluetooth;

·         Enter the number of the person you want to send a hug to;

·         Squeeze your hugms, and it will glow different colors, generating a text message based on how long and strongly you’ve squeezed;

·         Your friend will be able to see the message on his or her phone, or the colors on their hugms; and 

·         Finally, your friend can then return the hug by using his or her hugms, or by replying with a text message. 



Hugms also communicates with light and color: The squeeze strength is mapped to a change in color. If the person you’re hugging has a hugms, then your message will also trigger the same color change. 


This innovative, possibly world-changing, technological creation will allow you to let loved ones or liked ones or not-quite-hated ones know that they’re being thought about — and hugged. It does so in a way that enables receipt of said affectionate showings without interrupting a conference call or business meeting, a movie, or that fantastically rare conversation about robot-ninja-pirates, which deserves and obliges to go uninterrupted.




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