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Intellidyn credit data boosts Touchstone

September 28, 2005

Intellidyn Corporation, an analytics firm that leverages the nation’s credit, demographic, transactional and behavioral marketing data, yesterday announced that Touchstone Communications has coupled credit-based analytics from Intellidyn with unique, loyalty-based management to boost conversions and leads per hour for its mortgage industry clients.


A provider of integrated customer contact solutions, Touchstone’s call centers serve Fortune 500 companies specializing in financial services and residential mortgages.


Touchstone President Mike Meyer said, “Touchstone believes that by providing a higher level of service to our clients, business opportunities will always be there for us. In the past, we would use lists provided by our clients, but we were not satisfied with their response performance. By utilizing Intellidyn's individual-level credit data modeled on channel-specific response and conversion behavior, we now contact only high-response, pre-qualified leads. This helped double the number of qualified leads we are able to generate per hour at two call centers and boosted telemarketer morale. Our loyalty-based call center management strategy, combined with Intellidyn's pre-qualified lead data has helped us double client conversions and increase leads-per-hour by [50 percent to 80 percent], to more than 600 leads per day.


Intellidyn has compiled notably comprehensive and up-to-date databases based on transaction, credit, demographic and behavior, and it provides an in-depth, “atomic” level of data management, analytic services, list services, database marketing and strategic services. The company’s customers include marketers in fields of banking, collections, insurance, lending, member/donor, travel, wireless and others, all of which utilize Intellidyn’s data and marketing products and services to boost campaign performance and ROI.


“Intellidyn is pleased to be able to help Touchstone deliver high-volume lead conversions to its clients,” Intellidyn President and CEO Peter Harvey said. “We work closely with Touchstone to ensure that they have the right data so that their call centers contact only the most qualified individuals, based on the unique offers of their clients.”


Touchstone Communications provides offshore integrated customer contact solutions to the financial services and communications industry. Its customized solutions include inbound and outbound telemarketing and business process outsourcing (BPO) designed to enhance or replace in-house operations. Acting as a seamless extension of its clients’ operations, Touchstone aims to deliver cost efficiencies and measurable improvements in quality and performance.




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