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HD Calling

Nope, neither the Home Depot nor Harley Davidson is calling you.  But it is increasingly likely someone will be calling you using High Definition (HD) Voice.  For you Clash fans, possibly even London may be calling since HD Voice is now available in the UK.   In fact, according to a June report from the GSA, HD Voice is now available on 20 mobile networks in 18 countries.  And according to the HD Voice News, Orange has over 1 Million HD Voice mobile users on its networks. 

Alas, though, not one of these mobile networks is in the US at this time.  I’m sure it will be here soon enough though, and the “can you hear me now?” commercials will take on a different meaning.  However, if you are in the US, you can enjoy HD Voice if you use Skype, or use a service like Phone.com or some enterprise network. 

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