Mobile Experience and Mobile World Congress

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Mobile Experience and Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress started today.   If you have not been to one of these shows, it’s an experience you will not soon forget.  If you walk by our pavilion on the main Avenue (AV-114), you will see a front graphic that looks like the image below.  The giant QR code will go to a video relating to Quality of Experience monitoring and tracking software that Dialogic announced just prior to Mobile World Congress.


But just what does this Mobile Experience stuff mean?

It means that a subscriber’s mobile experience is the most important element in all of this smartphone growth.  Obviously, having a good mobile experience is very important to the subscriber, but it’s equally important to the service provider.   We all know that the iPhone changed the game with regards to endpoint ease of use.  It was all about making the subscriber experience better at the endpoint.  But it’s not all about the endpoint - enhancing the mobile experience for an end-to-end mobile session can be done in a variety of ways. 

First of all, offering innovative mobile value-added services provides value to the subscriber and revenue for the service provider.   In the early days of cellular communications, it was adding simple text and also music to the networks.  Today it’s about video-enablement.

Another way to enhance the mobile experience for subscribers is to ensure there is adequate bandwidth available, and also ensure that the subscriber has an enjoyable experience when watching mobile videos.

The network infrastructure is also key to enabling a subscriber has the best experience – having session border controllers, softswitches and gateways that are architected to work with mobile networks is critical to enabling an enjoyable mobile experience.

Finally, it means experience with mobility.  Dialogic® technology has been enhancing our customers’ mobile experience since the inception of cellular communications decades ago.  We can help you succeed in delivering services in today’s communications market as the mobile experience evolves and advances.   Dialogic technology has been enabling mobile value-added services for decades and we offer bandwidth optimization solutions so service providers can offer more bandwidth on the same pipe.  Our infrastructure products are also in use in mobile networks throughout the world.

In Dialogic parlance, all of the above means that “The Mobile Experience Matters”.

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