Real, Live Video Conferencing of Smart Devices on LTE, WiFi and 3G

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Real, Live Video Conferencing of Smart Devices on LTE, WiFi and 3G


Last week at CTIA, during a scheduled press conference on May 8th at 11:00AM, Dialogic demonstrated the future of video conferencing by tying together collaborative input including live people and video streams, on various devices, on various advanced networks, in a single video conference.

What is so special about this? Well, it’s believed to be the first public demonstration of its kind. Powered by the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (PowerMedia XMS)  software, we successfully video conferenced-in the following:

 Three people using an iPad, Android phone and 4GLTE connected laptop from the New Orleans LTE network

- Someone on a public IP network connect workstation in New Jersey

- Someone on a 3G smartphone from New Jersey

- Someone on a 4G/LTE Android tablet in Times Square, New York City

- We also streamed in basketball highlights to all of them

 What’s so special about this is the following:

- There were no special endpoints involved. There was a standard SIP video/voice client loaded on all the endpoints and we simply conferenced them together. Yes, the 3G connection didn’t look at good as the LTE or WiFi connections, but that’s to be expected because of the bandwidth. 

- We also streamed in content to all the participants to see. When we pre-briefed a few people before the show, Fantasy Football drafts immediately came to mind. And there are many other use cases as well, including mobile health, tele-learning, emergency services, and social networking.

- We did all this on existing deployed networks of various kinds.

If you are interested in learning more, please read this paper on our website.

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