Video Communications as an OTT App

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Video Communications as an OTT App

Two week ago, I explored Voice as an OTT App. Looking at the Cisco VNI report, I went a little deeper into the Voice as a type of data than the high level reporting provided. In the course of doing that, I found that video communications, which is basically video calling, is larger than voice communications. Given that an Exabyte is 1024 Petabytes, in 2016 video calling would be over 30x more prevalent on a mobile data network than voice! Does that make sense? I mean, video calling on mobile networks hasn’t exactly clogged the mobile networks

Yes, it does make sense. If many people don’t want to use their data minutes on voice calling, and they have a way to do voice calling anyway, then they’ll use the data minutes for areas they see the value - like surfing the web, doing social networking and watching YouTube. One other useful area would be video communications. 

There clearly is a niche for video communications. Last year, Skype reported that half of their calls were video. It therefore makes sense, to me anyway, that mobile video communications would follow this same trend. First of all, if Skype users are used to it, they’d bring it to the mobile world. And if people are worried about their smartphone plans supporting video over the cellular network (or more accurately, how much this might cost them), and people want to do this, then they’d do it over Wi-Fi. Instead of bringing the baby to the camera that is mounted on the computer, bring the camera to the baby! So if you’re doing a basic voice call, do it on the mobile phone. But if you want to add video, do it over WiFi.

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