The Multimedia Enabled Cloud

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The Multimedia Enabled Cloud

When I was at IT Expo, I participated in a panel for the Cloud Communications Expo as part of the conference. The title of this panel was “Cloud Communications for the Enterprise.” We ended up having a good interactive chat with the audience which covered a variety of topics.

I had some material prepared that we never got to, so I figured I should discuss the concepts here. First of all, it’s important to know that just like there are different types of clouds up in the sky, there are different types of clouds that enterprises can use. There are private, public, and hybrid “in-between” clouds. Given the plethora of smart devices accessing enterprise communications applications, multimedia capability in the cloud becomes ever more important. Users will want the ability to access
video. And this has to be real-time. So the demands on the cloud computing environment will increase.

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From Dialogic’s perspective, this means that the Media Server needs to be able to handle the mobility, and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that implies, handle the multimedia, and handle a cloud environment. So hopefully we can now see the need for a real-time multimedia enabled media server for the cloud environment. It is important to remember that the associated Session Border Controller (SBC), which will be required by the cloud architecture, also needs to be able to handle the multimedia aspects.

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