5 Things Mobile Carriers Should Want to Find in their Stockings

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5 Things Mobile Carriers Should Want to Find in their Stockings

Times are tough for mobile carriers.  ARPUs have been declining. OTT players are offering services that used to be their services over their own mobile broadband networks and getting millions of people to use them. (WHAT is THAT ALL ABOUT?)  And there isn’t enough CAPEX to keep up.  No fun. Bah Humbug!   

If I were a mobile carrier, and I woke up one magical morning, here are the five things I would want to be in my stocking. 

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1. MY OWN Value-added services that I offer that my subscribers use because this would positively impact my ARPU.  What kind of services could these be? There are a ton related to location based services, messaging, mobile payments or video.  In fact, I wish that my stocking includes mobile video conferencing from APEX and Crealog’s innovative messaging solutions.  (You can see both of these companies at the Dialogic Mobile World Congress partner pavilion.) 

2. Something, ANYTHING outside of adding more towers or fiber or upgrading networks to help me deal with growing network congestion. Due to all the traffic created by smartphones and tablets, this is getting to be more and more of a problem. Dialogic just happens to have a product to help me cost-effectively DOUBLE my network capacity.  (And look-- it fits easily into that stocking.)

3. All of these networks I offer are great, but interconnecting to all of them is such a pain. And more networks are coming.  I need a better way to deal with this.  I need products that can enable any-to-any connectivity and enable connectivity between TDM and IP networks, and IP to IP networks.  The Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 would be a nice find in that stocking since it’s both a gateway and an SBC. And I find that reassuring given the fact that Dialogic has been recognized as a Visionary in Gartner’s SBC Magic Quadrant.

4. Interconnecting my current wireless network to LTE and Diameter is my fourth wish. This is such a headache for me right now, and since this is a magical day, I wish my headache to go away.  I need a Diameter Signaling Gateway.  Broadforward has one.

5. Lastly , I wish for millions and millions of smartphones, tablets, mini-tablets and anything else that can connect to my network, because then I can sell more subscriptions and offer more services, which means I get more money.  I know on this special day I shouldn’t be thinking about money, but I can’t help it!  I’ll have the infrastructure (with the help of network capacity maximization solutions, any-to-any interconnect SBCs and Diameter gateways) to support this!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. May all YOUR wishes come true.

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