LTE / Diameter Interworking (Part 2 of 2)

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Jim Machi

LTE / Diameter Interworking (Part 2 of 2)

Diameter  2 diagram final.png

Two days ago, I wrote a blog about Diameter Interworking use cases.  If you are a network operator, are these issues real? Well, they’re real enough that the 3GPP and GSMA have identified elements called Diameter Routing Agent (DRA),  Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), and Diameter Interworking Function (IWF), which is more closely aligned to the interworking described above.

Given that these issues are real, how do you address them?  For starters, operators need a box that connects the carrier LTE/IMS and policy control environment to existing 2G/3G/Wi-Fi and back office environments. This requires a box that bridges different technologies and overcomes incompatibilities through configuration, not through additional research and development. That is a fancy way of saying the use cases need to be considered ahead of time. Dialogic prides itself on any-to-any connectivity, as we have been in this game a long time.  The fast pace of infrastructure change during the past 15 years proves that the communications industry is up to the challenge. Vendors will solve this problem, and subscribers won’t even know what is happening in the background.  They’ll just know it works.  

Are you a service provider seeking to supercharge your network while migrating to LTE?

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